Greg Lamy & Ernie Hammes, Gautier Laurent

Apéro's Jazz - Carte blanche à...

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31.08.14 - Greg Lamy & Ernie Hammes, Gautier Laurent

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07.09.14 - 1000 Bornes Trio

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10.09.14 - Kyla Brox

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12.09.14 - Luxembourg Jazz Meeting 2014

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12.09.14 - Pit Dahm Trio

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12.09.14 - Paul Fox Collective

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12.09.14 - Pascal Schumacher Quartet

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12.09.14 - Roby Glod / Andy Champion / Mark Sanders

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12.09.14 - Meander

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13.09.14 - KhalifeSchumacherTristano

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13.09.14 - Michel Reis Quartet

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13.09.14 - Greg Lamy 4tet

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13.09.14 - Maxime Bender 4tet

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13.09.14 - Gast Waltzing & LARGO

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14.09.14 - Jeff Herr Corporation

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14.09.14 - Marly Marques Quintet

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14.09.14 - Karnas - Osborne - Klein

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18.09.14 - Hamilton Loomis

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21.09.14 - Marly Marques 5tet

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24.09.14 - Till Bennewitz & Band

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28.09.14 - The Choppa's feat. Jasper Blom

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03.10.14 - Euro Jazz

Musiques (ordre chronologique)

  • Greg Lamy & Ernie Hammes, Gautier Laurent

    Apero's JazzChaque année JAIL - Jazz in Luxembourg en collaboration avec le CCRN donne carte blanche à des jazzmen luxembourgeois pour présenter leurs différents projets. La carte blanche du mois d'août est assurée par le guitariste luxembourgeois Greg Lamy..... suite

  • 1000 Bornes Trio

    Apero's JazzL'idée était alléchante : réunir 3 jazzmen trentenaires actifs dans leur région & dans leur pays, qui se sont connus enfants, se sont perdus de vue à l'adolescence et n'ont encore jamais partagé la scène...En 2013, Fabien propose donc à Markus... suite

  • Kyla Brox

    ConcertMaybe not born on the stage, but Kyla first took to it at the age of 12, as part of her father's blues band. Since then, she has blossomed into the most authentic UK blues and soul singer of her generation. Many people still talk about Kyla's firs... suite

  • Luxembourg Jazz Meeting 2014

    ConcertLe Luxembourg Jazz Meeting s'installe au Luxembourg où seront organisées pour la deuxième fois cet automne des rencontres professionnelles autour du jazz. Le but de ces rencontres est de servir de vitrine aux musiciens et musiciennes de jazz luxem... suite

  • Pit Dahm Trio

    ConcertThree musicians, three different countries and a special mix of composed and free improvised music. Pit Dahm (Lux), Charley Rose (F) and Lennart Heyndels (B) 
blend different emotions, feelings thoughts and instincts into a coherent picture, which... suite

  • Paul Fox Collective

    ConcertThe music of the 'Paul Fox Collective' is a fresh blend of wonderfully balanced and high-quality European Jazz.Usually performing in the form of a quintet with sax / guitar frontline and rhythm section, the band is occasionally extended to include... suite

  • Pascal Schumacher Quartet

    ConcertPascal Schumacher has been described as a Goldsmith in his art, a boundary-pushing musician, a resourceful improviser and an imaginative composer. Keen to explore the links that exist between many musical genres, it is difficult to pigeon-hole his... suite

  • Roby Glod / Andy Champion / Mark Sanders

    ConcertThis trio had it's debut performance at this year's Gateshead jazz festival (U.K. ) by initiative of Jazz North East, who invited Luxemburger Roby Glod over to meet drummer Mark Sanders and bassist Andy Champion, both leading figures in their fiel... suite

  • Meander

    ConcertThe sources of Meander go back to 1992, year in which Matt Börgmann's quest for like-minded musicians led him to London. The fact that the original line-up were people from all over Europe already perfectly illustrated the variety of Meander's mus... suite

  • KhalifeSchumacherTristano

    ConcertBachar Khalifé, Pascal Schumacher and Francesco Tristano perform as a trio and share with the audience fascinating insights on the beauty of the journey into improvised-minimal-electro sound experience.All of the musicians are experiment-joyful, e... suite

  • Michel Reis Quartet

    ConcertPianist and Composer Michel Reis, started his musical training at an early age in Luxembourg at the Conservatoire de la Ville de Luxembourg.To further his musical training, Reis moved to Boston, MA to study at Berklee College of Music and the New... suite

  • Greg Lamy 4tet

    Concert'Greg Lamy's pure and refreshing guitar sound pairs various melodic climates with an exceptionally fluid game. A musician with a bright future' (Lionel Loueke). Lamy has graced the stage of many clubs and festivals in Europe and New York, among th... suite

  • Maxime Bender 4tet

    ConcertThe Maxime Bender 4tet tries to take a bold step and definitely move away from the typical jazz routine as we've come to know it. The safety of the usual harmonical and rhythmical structures that usually shape a jazz 4tet's identity and behavior a... suite

  • Gast Waltzing & LARGO

    ConcertThe project Largo is made up of a perfect and coherent fusion of different worlds; every one of the various musical fields supports, and revives the other. Sensual and innovating but nor cold or calculator, this music is creative and dynamic.What... suite

  • Jeff Herr Corporation

    ConcertJeff Herr's new Corporation surprises with a new setting and dexterity, presenting itself now as a linear trio, without the need for a harmonical instrument. Maxime Bender on Saxophone and Laurent Payfert on Bass complete this new highly skilled a... suite

  • Marly Marques Quintet

    ConcertPrésentation du premier CD du Marly Marques 5tet, enregistré au studio Kleine Audiowelt à Sandhausen (D). Des compositions originales de Paul Fox et de Jitz Jeitz avec des textes de Marly Marques, Katy Fox et Daniel Ferreira Jerónimo côtoient des... suite

  • Karnas - Osborne - Klein

    ConcertA singer born in Upper Silesia, Poland, to a family devoid of musical traditions. Karnas has worked with top-line artists of Poland's jazz scene including its legends. In 2006 Karnas was awarded first prize at Young Jazz Singers Competition in Bru... suite

  • Hamilton Loomis

    ConcertBorn and raised in Galveston, Texas, Hamilton was first hooked on music through his parents' extensive collection of Blues, Rock, and Soul records. He honed his multi-instrumental chops early, learning drums, piano, guitar, bass and harmonica by h... suite

  • Marly Marques 5tet

    Apero's JazzLe Marly Marques 5tet a trouvé son style et sa sonorité : du swing lascif, de la bossa pas trop nova et de la saudade jazzique, le tout porté par la voix d'alto veloutée, sensuelle, et à l'intonation pure de Marly Marques suite

  • Till Bennewitz & Band

    ConcertTill combines a unique voice reminiscent of the legendary Springsteen, with serious songwriting that demonstrates an astonishing maturity and confidence that belie his youth. Unpretentious and with a warm personality, he puts his heart and soul in... suite

  • The Choppa's feat. Jasper Blom

    Apero's JazzJasper Blom (1965) is a leading tenor and soprano saxophonist of the young Dutch jazzgeneration and one of the most versatile players in the Benelux. Twice he has won the European Jazz Award and he has played at major jazzfestivals in Europe, Asia... suite

  • Euro Jazz

    Autumn LeavesDie Durchlässigkeit der europäischen Binnengrenzen wird im Vierländereck zwischen Deutschland, Frankreich, Luxemburg und Belgien besonders gründlich genutzt. Aus der europäischen Kernregion SaarLorLux, einem Schlüsselgebiet der Montanunion, ist he... suite